25 Oct 2018

Our very own UJC students, Arlene Sumandar and Jasmine Hekekire, participated in a speech competition held by North Jakarta Library and Regional Archives Office. In the celebration of Hari Anak Jakarta Membaca 2018, Jasmine and Arlene gave advice for teenagers on combating boredom while reading. Despite the quick preparation, Arlene snatched the 2nd place and Jasmine, 3rd. With such impressive result, they will continue to the provincial level competing with all winners from other Jakarta regions. Congratulations, Arlene and Jasmine.

On encouraging the reading habit among children and teenagers, Arlene Sumandar and Jasmine Hekekire participated in the English Competition run by Regional Library of North Jakarta in provincial level. Arlene managed to snatch the third place from 30 participants. Congrats, Arlene and Jasmine!